Test & Tag


Gav's Test & Tag are trained to thoroughly inspect and test all electrical appliances in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760.


The integrity of electrical appliances assets is determined by subjecting each asset to testing as required by the standard.

  • Inspection process
  • physical inspection
  • insulation tests
  • earth circuit testing
  • continuity testing
  • functional testing
  • polarity testing
  • visual inspection as per AS/NZ3760

We will check for any obvious external damage, check for defects - accessories, plugs or socket outlets.


We will check for any exposed inner wires, external sheath not cut, abraded or damaged.

Check cords are not tangled or exposed to tripping.


Power boards will be checked for indicators for maximum loads visible and legible.

All flexible leads are anchored.


Gav's Test & Tag are available Monday to Saturday for a time to suit your needs. This will help you to minimise the downtime of your business. We can help you with repairs, which could save you time and money instead of outlaying for new tools/equipment.


We will provide you with certificates and log books you need to keep you compliant with legislation.